The Forward Fight for U.S. Abortion Rights

When laws move backwards, stripping away our rights, the Center for Reproductive Rights fights forward. Join #TheForwardFight for U.S. abortion rights and access today.

The Fight Forward for U.S. Abortion Rights and Access

The fall of Roe v. Wade one year ago brought devastating consequences to people across the U.S. as anti-abortion state lawmakers acted swiftly to strip away our reproductive rights. Abortion is now illegal in more than a dozen states, leaving millions without access to essential, time-sensitive health care—even when facing severe pregnancy complications and risks to their health and lives.

This is the reality of a year without Roe.

But the loss of Roe has ignited a powerful movement to fight forward. This is the moment to work not only to restore our rights, but to build a better future with new and stronger legal protections for reproductive autonomy.

Read “One Year Without Roe v. Wade, a statement from Nancy Northup, Center President and CEO. (Find the Spanish language version here.)

We need you with us for this long fight ahead. Read more below and join #TheForwardFight today.

Faces of the Forward Fight

Here are just a few of the faces of the forward fight: The Center’s CEO on the fight ahead. Women who battled for their health and lives after being denied abortion care in Texas. A Center attorney tirelessly fighting in court for these and other clients. Center leaders offering a global perspective.

Take a look at their stories—and find out below how you can join #TheForwardFight.

Nancy Northup, President & CEO: Fighting state bans after the Dobbs ruling

Amanda Zurawski, Client: The real-life harm of Texas’s abortion bans

Molly Duane, Senior Staff Attorney: Abortion bans and rights violations

Catalina Martínez Coral, Sr. Regional Director of LAC: Lessons learned in Latin America

Maya Rupert, Strategic Advisor: Fighting for social justice

Leah Hoctor, Sr. Regional Director of Europe: Hope for progress

View the replay! Virtual Town Hall – Thursday, June 22

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The Forward Fight: Abortion Rights in the U.S. One Year Post-Roe

At this virutal event, held June 22, Center attorneys provided an update—and answered audience questions—about U.S. abortion rights post-Roe and the Center’s fight in and out of court to restore and strengthen those rights.

Featured speakers:

  • Rachana Desai Martin, Chief Government and External Relations Officer (Moderator)

  • Rabia Muqaddam, Senior Staff Attorney

  • Elisabeth Smith, Director, State Policy & Advocacy

Use passcode ?^sd#U2+ to access the replay.

A Year Without Roe: Attacks on Abortion Rights and a Public Health Emergency

After the U.S. Supreme Court eliminated the federal constitutional right to abortion, anti-abortion lawmakers acted swiftly to revive old pre-Roe bans and pass new bans and restrictions, causing chaos and confusion and a public health emergency across the country. More than 1/5 of the U.S. population lives in states where abortion is now illegal.

In states where abortion is banned:

  • Pregnant people are being forced to travel out of state to obtain abortion care–or remain pregnant against their will.

  • Doctors and hospitals are reluctant to provide care, even when their patients face threats to their lives, health and fertility.

  • Reports document a wide range of harm, including increased maternal morbidity and complications that could result in serious impairment and risk of death.

A Year Without Roe: The Center’s State-by-State Fight Yields New Protections

After the Supreme Court’s devastating decision—and despite the relentless attacks on abortion rights—the Center continued to fight forward, using every possible legal and advocacy tool to mitigate harm, prevent further regression, and establish new legal protections for reproductive autonomy.

Those efforts have already yielded new protections in several states:

  • New state constitutional rights to abortion after landmark rulings from state supreme courts in South Carolina, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.

  • Ballot victories in all six states where abortion was up for a vote—including the adoption of new constitutional protections in Michigan, Vermont and California.

  • Abortion bans blocked or delayed in seven states, keeping clinics open to provide essential abortion care.

  • New interstate shield laws in 15 states and the District of Columbia to protect abortion providers, patients and helpers across state lines.


States with new constitutional protections for abortion rights.


States with new interstate shield laws to protect patients, providers and helpers.


State abortion bans blocked, keeping clinics open to provide care.

The Center has also brought worldwide attention to the harm of U.S. abortion bans through its lawsuit representing Texas women denied abortion care after facing severe and dangerous pregnancy complications.

#TheForwardFight: The Center’s Plan


The fight forward has already taken root.

Since Roe was overturned, Americans have come out to show their strong support for abortion rights and access. And they want their rights and freedoms restored.

With your support, the Center for Reproductive Rights will lead the fight to not only restore our reproductive rights, but build new rights enshrined into law—so all people across the U.S. have the freedom to make their own reproductive decisions and define their futures, free from political interference.

Here’s our plan:

Strengthen rights and access—state-by-state, law-by-law.

  • Build state constitutional protections through litigation and the ballot; advance proactive state policies protecting access across state lines; and repeal medically unnecessary restrictions still in law.

Bring the fight directly to states that have banned abortion and endangered their residents.

  • Expose the dreadful harms of abortion bans; ensure access for pregnancy complications and health emergencies; and provide support for people navigating abortion bans.

Secure new federal protections for abortion.  

  • Advance the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) in Congress with the support of new partners in local government, businesses, and faith and educational communities; engage with the White House and federal agencies for administrative protections; and block federal anti-abortion measures.

We hope you’re with us for #TheForwardFight ahead.

take action

Your Forward Fight: Top 6 Things You Can Do Now for U.S. Abortion Rights

We need you with us for #TheForwardFight. Here’s how you can help right now:

1. Learn about abortion laws and policies in your state and across the country.

2. Get loud about abortion rights and access.

  • Talk about your support for abortion rights and access with people in your circle. Conversations with friends, family, colleagues and community members are often influential.

3. Tell your elected officials to restore your rights.

4. Follow the Center on social and spread the word.

  • Join a community of like-minded reproductive rights supporters on Instagram, Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn and share our content with your networks. You can also text FORWARD to REPRO (73776) to receive updates in real time about our work.

5. Help provide on-the-ground support to clinics and people seeking abortion care.

  • Donate directly to small, community-based abortion clinics that provide most of the abortion care in the U.S. at and to abortion funds that provide transportation, lodging and financial support to people seeking abortion care at

6. Support the Center for Reproductive Rights.

  • Your donation to the Center—big or small—helps our team of legal experts continue the fight for reproductive rights and access, both in the courts and beyond.

Resources for #TheForwardFight: Center Research and Analysis

Prepare for your forward fight by exploring the Center’s research and analysis on the legal principles and issues pertaining to U.S. abortion rights, the harm of abortion bans, and more.

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