Center Leadership & Staff

Board of Directors


Joseph A. Stern, Chair
Karla L. Martin, Vice Chair
Nancy Northup, President & CEO
J.B. Kittredge, Treasurer
Lorraine Clasquin, Secretary
Heidi Fugeman Lindelof, Assistant Secretary

Board Members

Penny Abeywardena
Cynthia Malkin Blumenthal
RoAnn Costin
Melanie Gray
David H. Hoffman
Rachel S. Lam
Janet K. Levit
Janice Mac Avoy
Michele Coleman Mayes
Joachim Osur
Gina Pell
Carole Presern
Anitha Reddy
Louisa Ritter
Mary E. Rubin
Paula Samper Salazar
Jamia Wilson

Executive Team

Nancy Northup, President & CEO
Michelle Dees, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
Enid Muthoni Ndiga, Senior Vice President
Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President
Vivian Siu, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Andy Sommer, General Counsel
Robin Willig, Chief of Staff

Center Staff

Office of the President

Robin Willig, Chief of Staff
Sarah Thomas, Executive Assistant to the President/Administrative Manager

Strategy and Operations

Michelle Dees, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
Fiona Barr, Senior Director, Strategy, Impact & Learning
Bryanna Raiche, Associate Director, Organizational Excellence
Amelia Holstrom, Senior Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
June Davies, Senior Manager, Organizational Program Manager
Christina Lynch, Program Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning
Paul Rudy, Senior Manager, IT
Tim Dedman, IT Operations Manager
Ritika Kaushal, Senior Finance Manager
Eliana Isufi, Payroll and Compliance Manager
Luis Castillo, Office Manager
Allison Escolastico, Senior Associate, Operations
Deophister Uffer, Controller
Alan Ring, Senior Director of Grants and Compliance
Komlan Lonergan, Senior Director, Global Technology and Operations
Maureen Napolitano, Assistant Controller
Lisandra Reyes, Accounting Manager, Global
Renee Boyer, Senior IT Project Manager
Meghan Allshouse, Senior Accounts Payable Specialist
Fatima Arana, Accountant
Raj Jhaveri, Financial Analyst
Andrei Opritoiu, Grants Manager
Alexander Savvides, Data Integration Developer
Dletna Teklai, Department Coordinator, Office of Strategy & Operations

Office of General Counsel

Andy Sommer, General Counsel
Travis J. Tu, Associate General Counsel
Corinne Sullivan, Program Manager, Office of General Counsel

Human Resources

Megha Patel, Manager, Human Resources
Zoe Coyle, Program Manager, Talent
Jay Cook, Associate, Talent Acquisition
Jess Nueces, Associate, Human Resources


Vivian Siu, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Sandy Keenan, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Megan Diamondstein, Digital Director
John Mims, Senior Multimedia Producer
Jennifer Chowdhury, Senior Digital Content Strategist
Aleeza Kazmi, Digital Coordinator
Becky Dickson, Graphic Designer
Brigette Supernova, Digital Asset Manager
Kelly Krause, U.S. Press Officer
Nora Franco, Acting Press Officer
Tharanga Yakupitiyage, Press Officer
Virginia Sobol, Senior Writer/Editor
Lundon Wilson, Program Manager, Marketing & Communications
Heather Price, Department Coordinator, Communications & Marketing


Alesia Soltanpanah, Chief Development Officer
Jill Berger, Senior Director of Development
Jill Russell, Senior Director, Institutional Partnership
Megan Moore, Director of Development Operations
Noelle Williams, Associate Director of Foundations
Elizabeth Coffey, Associate Director, Major Gifts
Ileana Futter, Associate Director, Major Gifts
Karlyn Bennehoof, Senior Major Gifts Officer
Laura Solomon, Senior Major Gifts Officer
Dayspring Cabaniss, Senior Major Gifts Officer, Strategic Initiatives
Danielle Oviedo, Major Gifts Officer, Western Region
Yana Domuschieva, Senior Manager, Donor Research & Trends
Gwendolyn Franklin, Senior Events Manager
Emil McGloin, Senior Manager, Development Operations
Norma Asher, Development Writer
Jessica McCabe, Manager, Individual Giving
Dennis Kimuyu, Manager, Global Institutional Funding
Casey Bauer, Senior Major Gifts Coordinator
Sarah Ogden, Development Operations Senior Coordinator
Genevieve Oliver, Manager, US Institutional Partnerships
Livia Donicova, Senior Associate, Institutional Funding
Ashley Lopez Olijnyk, Development Operations Senior Associate
Ashma Luitel, Major Gifts Associate
Jillian Neill, Events Senior Associate
Samantha Stalder, Donor Research Associate

Global Legal Program

Enid Muthoni Ndiga, Senior Vice President
Alejandra Cardenas, Senior Director of Global Legal Strategies
Felix Kitenge, Deputy Director, Global Legal Program
Rebecca Brown, Senior Director of Global Advocacy
Evelyne Opondo, Senior Regional Director for Africa
Leah Hoctor, Senior Regional Director for Europe
Catalina Martínez Coral, Senior Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean
Katherine Mayall, Director of Strategic Initiatives
Carmen Cecilia Martinez Lopez, Associate Director, Legal Strategies
Onyema Afulukwe, Associate Director for New Initiatives and Business Development
Martin Onyango, Head of Legal Strategies
Katrine Thomasen, Associate Director for Europe
Selome Argaw, Senior Global Advocacy Adviser
Paola Salwan Daher, Senior Global Advocacy Adviser
Prabhakar Shrestha, Senior Manager, Asia
Mirriam Nthenge, Advocacy Adviser for Africa
Beatrice Odallo, Advocacy Adviser for Africa
Alejandra Coll, Advocacy Adviser, Latin America & the Caribbean
Claudia Moya, Program Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean
Victoria Ojoo, Senior Operations Specialist
Grady Arnott, Manager of Legal Research, Global Advocacy
Prabina Bajracharya, Senior Legal Adviser for Asia
Emma Chessen, Senior Associate, Global Legal Strategies
Margaret Harpin, Legal Adviser
Siri May, Associate Director for Global Advocacy
Edward Perez, Senior Legal Adviser, Latin America & the Caribbean
Jihan Jacob, Senior Legal Adviser for Asia
Prudence Mutiso, Legal Adviser, Africa
Mariel Ortega De Los Santos, Legal Adviser, LAC
Cristina Rosero, Senior Legal Adviser, LAC
Maria Perico, Junior Legal Adviser
Hellen Owiti, Senior Program Manager, Africa
Daniel Ruge, Senior Communication Manager, Latin America & Caribbean
Kennedy Arthur Wekesa, Senior Communication Manager, Africa
Minayo Lugalia, Capacity Building Manager, Africa
Atieno Odhiambo, Technical Lead, Africa
Avery Seefeld, Program Manager, Global Legal Program
Emanuela Melis, Senior Office Manager, Geneva
Laura Mirahver, Senior Program Associate, Europe
Betsy Muia, Program Manager, Global Legal Program
Mariana Scolaro, Legal Fellow
Christina Zampas, Associate Director for Global Advocacy
Margaret Wanjohi, Program Coordinator for Africa
Karin Hechenleitner Schacht, Global Advocacy Adviser
Adriana Lamackova, Principal Legal Advisor
Betty Odallo, Advocacy Adviser for Africa
Beverly Musili, Marshall Weinberg Global Legal Fellow, Africa
Elizabeth Kabari, Marshall Weinberg Global Legal Fellow, Africa
Carolina Trejos, Marshall Weinberg Global Legal Fellow, Latin America & the Caribbean
Milagro Valverde Jiménez, Marshall Weinberg Global Legal Fellow, Latin America & the Caribbean
Diana Parada, Office Manager, Latin America & Caribbean
Jamie Hanson, Program Manager, Global Advocacy & Global Legal Strategies
Mahendra Panta, Program Coordinator, Asia
Stephanie Omwanda, Operations Associate
Rosario Grima Algora, Legal Fellow
Catalina Arango, Program Associate, Latin America & Caribbean
Laura Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant, Latin America & Caribbean

Pro Bono

Marlene Halpern, Senior Director of Pro Bono Services
Katie Niejadlik, Associate Director of Pro Bono
Lindsay Keating, Senior Manager, Pro Bono Services
Emma Letcher, Senior Pro Bon Associate

US Programs

Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President
Lauren Elfant, Deputy Director
Stephen Evans, US Programs Management
Rodney Russell, Office Coordinator

Judicial Strategy

Diana Kasdan, Director
Amy Myrick, Senior Staff Attorney
Tamar Eisen, Program Associate, Judicial Strategy

Lawyers Network

Aracely Muñoz, Director
Diamond Brown, Counsel
Bridgette Jackson, Counsel
Hannah Tennies, Program Coordinator

US Human Rights

Risa Kaufman, Director
Pilar Herrero, Senior Staff Attorney
Karla Torres, Senior Human Rights Counsel
Breana Lipscomb, Senior Advisor, Maternal Health and Rights
Jasmine Santana, Coordinator, US Human Rights

US Litigation

Julie Rikelman, Senior Director
Autumn Katz, Managing Senior Counsel
Marc Hearron, Senior Counsel
Emily Nestler, Senior Counsel
Molly Duane, Senior Staff Attorney
Jenny Ma, Senior Staff Attorney
Hillary Schneller, Senior Staff Attorney
Genevieve Scott, Senior Staff Attorney
Jessica Sklarsky, Senior Staff Attorney
Gail Deady, Staff Attorney
Kulsoom Ijaz, Staff Attorney
Michelle Moriarty, Staff Attorney
Rabia Muqaddam, Staff Attorney
Caroline Sacerdote, Staff Attorney
Kirby Tyrrell, Staff Attorney
Alice Wang, Staff Attorney
Astrid Ackerman, Legal Fellow
Adria Bonillas, Legal Fellow
Cici Coquillette, Legal Fellow
Jen Rasay, Legal Fellow
Helen Bolton, Senior Coordinator
Avery Coombe, Paralegal
Rakhi Kundra, Paralegal
Jared Lindo, Paralegal
Charlotte Varcoe-Wolfson, Paralegal

US Policy and Advocacy, Federal

Katherine Gillespie, Senior Federal Policy Counsel
Sara Outterson, Senior Federal Legislative Counsel
Liz Wagner, Federal Policy Counsel
Freya Riedlin, Federal Policy Counsel
Jackie Blank, Senior Federal Legislative Strategist, Act for Women Campaign Manager
Vandana Ranjan, Senior Manager, Federal Policy & Advocacy
Hannah Wheelwright, Federal Strategies Manager, Federal Policy and Advocacy
Tessa Ruff, Federal Policy and Advocacy Associate
Sabrina Merold, Federal Policy and Advocacy Fellow

US Policy and Advocacy, State

Elisabeth Smith, Director, State Policy & Advocacy
Ashley Gray, Senior Advisor, State Policy Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships
Louisa Thanhauser, Senior Manager, State Advocacy and Partnerships
Jesalyn Ortiz, Manager, State Policy and Partnership
Nimra J. Chowdhry, State Legislative Counsel
Fajer Saeed Ebrahim, State Legislative Counsel
Lizzy Hinkley, State Legislative Counsel
Lucas Julian, State Policy and Advocacy Associate
Israel Cook, State Legislative Fellow
Bella Pori, State Legislative Fellow

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