Faces of the Forward Fight

Watch these brief video clips and learn how Center leaders and clients are fighting forward for U.S. abortion rights and access.

Faces of the Forward Fight

Here are just some of the people helping to lead the fight to restore and strengthen U.S. abortion rights and access: Women who battled for their health and lives after being denied abortion care and the Center attorney working tirelessly for these clients. Leaders from the Center offering a global perspective. And the Center’s CEO on the fight ahead.

Take a look at each of their stories—and find out more about #TheForwardFight.

Nancy Northup, President & CEO: Fighting state bans after the Dobbs ruling

Amanda Zurawski, Client: The real-life harm of Texas’s abortion bans

Lauren Miller, Client: Access for all, regardless of privilege

Molly Duane, Senior Staff Attorney: Abortion bans and rights violations

Maya Rupert, Strategic Advisor: Fighting for social justice

Lauren Hall, Client: The chilling effect of Texas’s abortion bans

Anna Zargarian, Client: The widespread consequences of banning abortion

Catalina Martínez Coral, Sr. Regional Director of LAC: Lessons learned in Latin America

Leah Hoctor, Sr. Regional Director of Europe: Hope for progress

Rebecca Brown, Sr. Director of Global Advocacy: Reproductive rights as human rights

Center leaders and clients in Zurawski v. Texas: Speaking out against Texas’s abortion bans

elizabeth banks

The Center’s Creative Council: The fight ahead for U.S. abortion rights and access