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Abortion is Essential to Democracy

After Texas’s abortion ban went into effect on September 1, Ms. Magazine and the Brennan Center for Justice joined forces to create a collection of essays that explore why the right to abortion is essential to democracy. Written by legal experts from the Brennan Center, the essays explore topics like the U.S. government’s history of […]

Media Reports on Supreme Court Arguments in Texas Abortion Ban Case

On November 1, Marc Hearron, senior counsel for the Center, argued Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson before the Supreme Court. The case challenges Texas’s abortion ban that prohibits abortion care at about six weeks of pregnancy and aims to circumvent judicial review. Hearron said in his argument, “To allow the Texas scheme to stand would […]

Marc Hearron, attorney for abortion providers, has deep Texas ties.

This piece in The New York Times provides an introduction of Marc Hearron, Senior Counsel at the Center, who is arguing the Center’s case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, before the U.S. Supreme Court on November 1. “This law has now been in effect for two months, denying people across Texas the right to exercise […]

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Ban, Agrees to Hear Two Cases Challenging the Law

The Supreme Court on October 22 announced it will hear oral arguments in the Center’s case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, on November 1. The case challenges S.B. 8, a Texas law that bans abortion at about six weeks of pregnancy and incentivizes private citizens to enforce the ban. Multiple media sources reported on the […]

Federal Judge Pauses Strict Texas Law Banning Most Abortions

A federal judge granted the Justice Department’s request to halt S.B. 8, a Texas law that effectively banned abortion in the state and incentivized citizens to enforce it. However, even though S.B. 8 has been stalled, abortion providers can be sued retroactively for any care they provide while the injunction is in effect. The State […]

What happens when a state bans abortion? If you don’t know, now you know.

The Center is challenging S.B. 8, a Texas law that bans abortion at about six weeks of pregnancy. In this segment from The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah explains the dangers of Texas’s ban and how it disproportionately impacts women of color and those living on low incomes. Watch the segment here: Learn more about Whole Woman’s […]

Abortion Providers Ask Supreme Court to Step in Quickly to Review Texas Law

Both The Washington Post and The New York Times reported on the Center’s second appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Texas’s extreme abortion ban. Both quoted from the filing that claimed since the law went into effect, “Texans are in crisis.” The Washington Post: Abortion providers ask Supreme Court to step in quickly to review […]

Progressive Caucus Warns Lawsuits Not Enough to Stop GOP Assault on Abortion Rights

Common Dreams and the Austin Chronicle quoted a statement from Center President Nancy Northup on Texas’s abortion ban. “Every day this law is in effect, patients are being denied access to essential healthcare, and the hardest-hit are people of color, those struggling to make ends meet, undocumented immigrants, and others with pre-existing obstacles to access […]

‘No one wants to get sued’: Some abortion providers have stopped working in Texas

Texas’ six-week abortion ban went into effect on September 1 and since then, several providers have stopped offering abortion services. Senior counsel for the Center, Marc Hearron, said the ban put a “chill” on abortion services in Texas. He explained to Modern Healthcare, “Even if abortion providers win in every single case brought against them […]

Women suffer hardship under Texas abortion ban: Rachel Maddow interviews Nancy Northup

The Justice Department has a “strong case” to block Texas’s law banning abortion at approximately six weeks of pregnancy, according to Center President and CEO Nancy Northup, who was interviewed in this segment by Rachel Maddow about the law and the Center’s case challenging it. Northup also commented on the ban’s harm to women in […]