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The Center for Reproductive Rights is a leading source of information on reproductive rights laws, policies and issues. In this section, you'll find Center publications, resources and tools addressing issues such as abortion care, contraception, assisted reproduction, maternal health and more.


PUBLICATIONS ARCHIVE: All Center publications produced since 1997, a vast trove of free, downloadable information on reproductive rights topics.

COVID-19: Fact sheets on the impact of COVID-19 on access to reproductive health, and information on Center lawsuits to protect abortion access during the pandemic.

SERVING THOSE WHO SERVE? Issue briefs on the barriers to reproductive healthcare faced by military servicemembers and veterans.

THE WORLD’S ABORTION LAWS MAP: An interactive tool showing the legal status of abortion in countries across the globe.

WHAT IF ROE FELL? An interactive tool showing how abortion rights could be affected in each U.S. state if Roe v. Wade were weakened or overturned.

BEYOND ABORTION: ROE AND OTHER RIGHTS: The Center's report on how Roe v. Wade and related Supreme Court decisions provide the constitutional foundation for basic freedoms essential to our lives and futures.

LAWYERS NETWORK: A network of leaders who build knowledge about reproductive rights issues, engage new allies, and empower reproductive rights advocates.

EVALUATING PRIORITIES: An interactive map from the Center for Reproductive Rights and Ibis Reproductive Health comparing the number of abortion restrictions in each U.S. state to its policies supporting women, children and families.

CENTER EVENTS: Recent panels and other events featuring Center professionals.


ABORTION LAW DATABASE: An online tool by the Abortion Law Project, the Center and other organizations with data about each U.S. state’s abortion restrictions.

ACTFORWOMEN.ORG: The campaign by a broad coalition of more than 100 organizations in support of the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), which would answer calls to codify abortion rights as recognized under Roe v. Wade.

MYRIGHTMYDECISION.ORG: A coalition of dozens of organizations with information about the 2020 abortion case before the U.S. Supreme Court, June Medical v. Russo, litigated by the Center.