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European Abortion Laws: A Comparative Overview

Explore the Center’s updated report outlining abortion laws and policies—and remaining barriers to access—in all 47 European countries.

European Abortion Laws: A Comparative Overview

Get an overview of abortion laws and policies in all 47 European countries (updated September 2023).

European Abortion Laws: A Comparative Overview

The Center for Reproductive Rights monitors and analyzes European abortion laws and advocates for reform of laws to ensure that they reflect international human rights standards and best medical practice. For more than 80 years the overwhelming trend has been for European countries to liberalize their abortion laws and legalize access to abortion. Today almost […]

Washington Post Op-ed Counters Claims that U.S. Abortion Restrictions Are Aligned with European Laws

Leah Hoctor, the Center's senior regional director for Europe, calls claims by Senator Lindsey Graham and others "simply untrue."

European Parliament Calls on U.S. to Protect Abortion Rights

Resolution expresses grave concern about the consequences to women’s rights if the U.S. Supreme Court were to revoke the constitutional right to abortion.