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News Coverage: Texas Supreme Court Ruling

Media coverage on the Texas Supreme Court's May 31 ruling in Zurawski v. Texas.

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Women Denied Abortion Care Despite Dangerous Pregnancy Complications

In Zurawski v. State of Texas, court refuses to provide clarity on exceptions to state abortion bans.

News Coverage: Center Argues Case at Texas Supreme Court

Media coverage on more women denied abortion care who joined Zurawski v. Texas.

Center Argues Case on Abortion Bans’ Medical Exceptions at Texas Supreme Court

Watch the video replay of the arguments in Zurawski v. State of Texas, the Center’s case on behalf of Texas physicians and women denied abortion care.

News Coverage: Seven New Plaintiffs Join Center Lawsuit Against Texas

Media coverage on more women denied abortion care who joined Zurawski v. Texas.

After Ruling Clarifying Medical Exceptions to Texas’s Abortion Bans, Order Is Blocked While State Appeals

Injunction by Texas judge in favor of the Center's plaintiffs would have allowed abortions for severe pregnancy complications and fatal fetal diagnoses and protected physicians from prosecution for using their "good faith judgment."

News Coverage: Texas District Court Ruling in Zurawski v. State of Texas

Judge Jessica Mangrum’s August 4 ruling on Zurawski v. State of Texas clarified the medical exception in the state’s abortion bans, enabling physicians to use their “good faith judgment,” in consultation with their pregnant patients, to determine when they need an abortion to preserve their health or their life. It also found S.B. 8, a […]

Abortion Is Essential Health Care, Even With Wanted Pregnancies

Patient stories serve as stark reminders that abortion care is a necessary, life-saving procedure crucial for treating many dangerous pregnancy conditions.

News Coverage: Hearing in Zurawski v. State of Texas

View media highlights about the riveting testimony from women denied abortion care despite facing dangerous risks to their health, lives and future fertility.

Hearing Wrap-up: Zurawski v. State of Texas

Texas women denied abortion care give riveting testimony while the state tries to dismiss the lawsuit.