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In Nepal, the Center and Partners Celebrate International Women’s Day with “F for Feminism” Event

Fact sheet on medical abortion in Asian countries also launched at the March event.

Resources for Journalists: 15 Things to Consider When Covering Abortion, the Supreme Court, and a Potential “Post-Roe World”

The Guttmacher Institute published an article for journalists covering the abortion rights space to provide context and prevent misinformation. Right now, the right to abortion is at risk and media outlets everywhere are covering the topic. On December 1, the Center will argue Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that directly challenges Roe […]

More Than 100 Organizations Urge Policy Makers to Combat Abortion Stigma

The Center for Reproductive Rights, We Testify, and other partner organizations issued an open letter calling on U.S. public officials and policy makers to help combat the stigma around abortion.

Abortion Stigma: Open Letter to Public Officials and Policymakers

The Center for Reproductive Rights, along with We Testify, joined 116 organizations advocating for reproductive health, rights, and justice in issuing a letter calling on public officials and policy makers across the country to help break down the stigma around abortion. The letter provides recommendations for policymakers to express support for people who have abortions […]

Abortion stigma a possible death sentence for Kenyan women

Even though abortion is legal under certain circumstances in Kenya, since 2013, the country’s Ministry of Health has prevented health care providers from receiving training on abortion services. This has left women without the care they need and deserve. Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted a report from the Center that found that seven Kenyan women and […]