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News Coverage: Hearing in Blackmon v. State of Tennessee

News and media highlights about the April 4 hearing.

Tennessee Medical Exceptions Case Hearing Scheduled for April 4

Watch a livestream of the hearing in Blackmon v. State of Tennessee.

More Women Denied Abortion Care Join Center’s Case Against Tennessee

Number of pregnant people harmed by U.S. state abortion bans continues to grow.

Plaintiffs’ Stories: Blackmon v. State of Tennessee

Stories of four Tennessee women—each denied abortion care after facing dangerous pregnancy complications—who joined this case as plaintiffs on January 8, 2024.

Federal appeals court rules against Tennessee abortion bans

A federal appeals court affirmed a district court decision blocking  Tennessee abortion bans that would prohibit abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and prevent women from seeking one for fetal abnormalities. Multiple news outlets quoted Center staff attorney Rabia Muqaddam, who stated the ruling was “a huge win for pregnant people in Tennessee.” She added […]