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Kansas Abortion Providers Challenge New Law Forcing Them to Give Patient Information to the State

Kansas abortion providers filed a legal challenge to a new law that would force providers to report to the state patients’ reasons for seeking abortion.

Kansas Court Blocks Laws Mandating Disinformation About Abortion

10.30.23 (PRESS RELEASE) – Today, a Kansas state court judge blocked several onerous restrictions on abortion, including laws that force providers to give government-scripted misinformation to patients, threaten patients’ health, and undermine medical ethics. The laws blocked today also made abortion care harder to access by imposing arbitrary waiting periods that delayed care. Laws that […]

In the Courts: Recent News on U.S. Abortion Rights Cases

Challenging abortion restrictions and bans in state courts.

Center Files Lawsuit to Ensure Access to Abortion Drug in Three States

Lawsuit seeks to protect mifepristone access in Virginia, Montana, and Kansas in light of the drug’s legal uncertainty.

Kansas Telemedicine Ban Blocked, Allowing Expansion of Medication Abortion Services

The use of telemedicine is an important tool for increasing access to abortion care, especially in remote and underserved areas.

Kansans Reject Efforts to End State’s Constitutional Right to Abortion

In a victory for abortion rights, Kansans vote overwhelmingly to protect their right to abortion recognized by an earlier Kansas Supreme Court ruling.

Will Kansas pursue Texas-style abortion restrictions? Here’s what stands in the way.

“The Kansas constitution right now protects the right to abortion and any attempts to limit that right has to clear a really high bar,” explained Elisabeth Smith, the Center’s state policy director, to The Kansas City Star. The piece reports that anti-abortion legislators in the state are watching to see how the Center’s challenge to […]