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Texas Judge Grants Temporary Order Allowing Pregnant Woman to Access Abortion Care in the State

"The idea that Ms. Cox wants so desperately to be a parent and this law may have her lose that ability is shocking and would be a genuine miscarriage of justice." — Judge Maya Guerra Gamble

Center Sues Texas on Behalf of Pregnant Woman Seeking an Emergency Abortion to Protect Her Health, Life and Future Fertility

With a fatal fetal diagnosis and a high-risk pregnancy, woman asks court to block abortion bans to avoid the harm of being forced to continue her pregnancy to term.

Texas Woman Asks Court for an Emergency Abortion

12.05.23 (PRESS RELEASE) – Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed an emergency lawsuit on behalf of a pregnant woman in Texas, Kate Cox, who needs urgent abortion care due to a lethal fetal diagnosis and threats to her life, health, and fertility from continuing the pregnancy. Despite her dangerous pregnancy complications, Kate has been […]

Cox v. Texas