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Center Lawsuit Seeks to Restore Abortion Access in Arizona by Blocking a Civil War-Era Abortion Ban

Court asked to clarify state’s conflicting abortion laws that have forced providers to cease abortion services.

Working to Block State Abortion Bans: Post-Roe Court Battles Continue

As anti-abortion states in the U.S. rush to enforce abortion bans, the Center and partners work to preserve access to care.

Lawsuit Updates: Working to Block State Abortion Bans

As states rush to enforce abortion bans, the Center and partners work to block them.

AG defends abortion law

Emily Nestler, a senior staff attorney for the Center, asked a judge to block an Arizona law that would ban Down syndrome-selective abortions before fetal viability. Nestler explains, “This ban targets pregnant people who face complex and personal considerations as a result of fetal genetic screening or diagnostic testing during routine prenatal care, including decisions […]

Complaint Challenging Arizona’s Abortion Ban and “Personhood” Requirement

Complaint filed in U.S. District Court by the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners challenging two Arizona abortion restrictions.

Center and Partners Sue to Stop New Arizona Abortion Restrictions

Measures would ban abortion if there is indication of fetal diagnosis in the patient’s reason and grant new “personhood” rights for fetuses and embryos.