Arizona's Two Trip Law: Fear of Retaliation


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Question: "Is there anyone in your life that would threaten you with violence if they knew you were having an abortion?"

Answer: "There is someone in my life that would threaten me. In fact, if he knew I was here he would probably kill me."

This was just one of the heartbreaking conversations shared by Center attorneys in its new video talking about how Arizona's 24-hour mandatory waiting period to get an abortion would affect women.

Watch our short video and learn more about this dangerous law and why the Center continues to fight and win cases where a woman's right to choose is threatened.





Fighting Arizona's Mandatory Delay Law

Last summer, the Center filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Arizona arguing that the 24-hour requirement, part of a more comprehensive law restricting abortion, should be prohibited from taking effect until a complete trial on the constitutionality of the statute is held.

The court denied the Center's request to temporarily block enforcement of the restrictions — restrictions that will significantly reduce a woman's access to abortion services and put physicians at risk of losing their licenses.

Planned Parenthood also filed a challenge against certain provisions of the same law in Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix, and that court granted a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of certain parts of the law. Because of this injunction, women will not have to make two trips to a physician's office in order to obtain an abortion, as would have been required if the law went into effect as written. Learn more >,