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The Center is excited to announce Harvard law student Lisa Kelly as the 2014-2016 recipient of the Center for Reproductive Rights-Columbia Law School
Amen, Washington Post. The Post’s editorial board has written a dead-on opinion piece that breaks down the alarming trend of anti-choice legislation t
Center for Reproductive Rights President and CEO Nancy Northup appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show this week to discuss extremist politicians’ ongoing
A fascinating article from The Atlantic this month puts readers firmly on the ground in Texas, in middle of what the author calls “ground zero for sta
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The numbers are disturbing. According to a recent UNICEF study, one in nine girls in the developing world will marry before age 15, one in three will
At the end of June, the Center for Reproductive Rights led an energized group of women’s health advocates to Capitol Hill to lobby for a piece of legi
Three prominent voices of the women’s reproductive rights movement knock it out of the park in a compelling interview over at Cosmopolitan.com this we
For years, extremist activists and politicians have offered up false science and feigned concern for women’s health as part of their strategy to limit
On the eve of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s historic hearing on the Women’s Health Protection Act, The New York Times has published an opinion piec
The Boston Globe reports this week on some of the first proposed legislative responses out of Massachusetts after last week’s disappointing Supreme Co
One thing that 2014 has proved so far: this fight isn’t over by a long shot. The assault on reproductive rights has not abated. State by state, we
Center for Reproductive Rights President and CEO Nancy Northup did a round of press interviews following the shocking U.S. Supreme Court decision in t
At the abortion clinic in Colorado where Klaira works, it is not at all uncommon to see out-of-state patients. Some come from as far away as North Dak
“How can we balance our love of the game with our commitment to human rights?” asks Human Rights Watch Deputy Director, Iain Levine, in his timely opi
The practice of genital mutilation, while deeply embedded in a number of African and Middle Eastern cultures, has been banned in the United States for
Manuela’s story is the stuff of nightmares. The young mother from El Salvador had not been feeling well for several years. She sought medical attentio
In a frank and unsettling segment of her show, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry talks to journalist Irin Carmon and the Center for Reproductive Rights’ Po
Writer Katie McDonough’s recent article at Salon.com discusses the ludicrous logic behind proposed legislation in Ohio to ban insurers—both public and
Imagine that a group of state legislators didn\'t like a particular religious denomination and decided to run it out of state by enacting new ­buildin