The State of the States 2013


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The Landscape of Abortion Restrictions Passed in 2013

In 2013, the Center for Reproductive Rights tracked hundreds of bills that aimed to restrict access to reproductive health care and effectively deny women the right to make the very personal decision about whether and when to start a family. Each and every one had the potential to strike a blow against women’s health and safety.

This relentless attack by extremist legislators continued despite the fact that the majority of Americans support safe and legal abortion. The State of the States focuses on laws enacted in 2013 in four categories of abortion restrictions that the Center identifies as the most significant trends: abortion bans, restrictions on medication abortion, restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion, and targeted regulation of abortion providers (“TRAP”).

Taken together, these State of the States briefs showcase the coordinated state-level attacks on abortion access that grabbed headlines in 2013. But the spotlight shined as well on the Center’s many courtroom victories, a growing chorus of outrage mobilized through Draw the Line, and the historic federal Women’s Health Protection Act, a measure that will truly protect women’s health and safety.