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Center Joins in Commemorating International Women’s Day at the United Nations

Center leaders speak at sessions of the UN Human Rights Council and Commission on the Status of Women.

Submission to the UN Human Rights Council Examines Pakistan’s Lack of Progress on SRHR Issues

Report outlines country’s failure on sexual and reproductive health rights and services and recommends laws and policies to improve access.

Joint Submission to Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan

The Center for Reproductive Rights and Aahung, a Karachi-based NGO, presented this joint submission on July 13, 2022, to supplement the report of the Government of Pakistan scheduled for review in the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council. This submission focuses on the Government’s obligations to protect and promote sexual and reproductive rights. Specifically, […]

Submission to the UN Assesses the Philippines’ Progress on SRHR Issues

Report to the UPR Working Group by the Center and its partners cites barriers and recommends improvements in access to contraception, maternal health, abortion, and adolescent sex education.

Webinar: Accountability for Women and Girls in Humanitarian Situations

Register for this March 8 side event to the 49th session of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Engaging in the UPR: Capacity Building for SRHR Advocates in the Philippines

A virtual event held by the Center and its partners.

Nepal Agrees to Decriminalize Abortion and Protect SRHR

Nepal accepts recommendations from its Universal Periodic Review before the UN Human Rights Council to protect the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls.

Joint Submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Nepal

The joint submission made by the Center and its local partners in July 2020 for Nepal's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the UN Human Rights Council.

The First 100 Days of the Biden-Harris Administration: Reproductive Rights, Health and Justice

In its first 100 days, the Biden-Harris administration has taken crucial steps to undo many Trump-Pence administration’s policies that undermined reproductive rights and access to health care in the U.S. and around the world.