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What if Roe fell?

The U.S. Supreme Court will review a Mississippi abortion ban in what is seen as a test case to weaken or overturn Roe v. Wade--despite almost 50 years of precedent. What would happen in U.S. states if the Supreme Court weakens or overturns Roe?

Roe at Risk: U.S. Supreme Court to Review Mississippi’s Abortion Ban, a Direct Challenge to Roe v. Wade

The Center for Reproductive Rights will return to the United States Supreme Court next term to defend the right to abortion, a right recognized in Roe v. Wade.

The Undue Burden Standard after June Medical Services v. Russo

This report by the Center for Reproductive Rights analyzes the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June Medical Services v. Russo, a leading abortion case brought and won by the Center and decided in June 2020. The ruling, which invalidated a Louisiana abortion restriction that would have shuttered most of the state’s remaining clinics, preserved the Court’s […]

U.S. Supreme Court Opinion: June Medical Services v. Russo

Read the Supreme Court's 2020 opinion in the June Medical Services v. Russo case.

Medical Groups, Legal Experts, People Who Had Abortions, and Advocates Join Fight Against Louisiana’s Anti-Abortion Law

ABA, AMA and other diverse supporters unite to urge U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Louisiana law designed to shut down abortion clinics (PRESS RELEASE)—Yesterday, a coalition of leading voices in medicine, law, and public policy joined with abortion patients and advocates to submit 27 amicus briefs to the Supreme Court in opposition to a law that […]

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