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Video: The Center’s Creative Council on the Forward Fight

Creative Council chair Elizabeth Banks and other Council members address the fight ahead for U.S. abortion rights and access.

One Year After Roe, U.S. House Members Again Push for the Women’s Health Protection Act

The federal legislation would re-establish a nationwide right to abortion.

Dobbs’s Destructive Originalism: Using “History and Tradition” to Undermine Liberty

This analysis by the Center explains the Dobbs majority’s approach to determining what liberty interests the Fourteenth Amendment protects; considers the ways in which the U.S. Supreme Court has previously assessed protected liberty interests; and concludes that Dobbs will, if accepted, stymie constitutional protection of reproductive autonomy and a host of rights grounded in bodily […]

“Let’s Talk Repro” Series: Hillary Schneller, Senior Staff Attorney

The co-lead counsel in the Center’s 2022 Supreme Court case discusses her work defending abortion access in Mississippi, Montana and other U.S. states.

100 Days Since Roe Fell

A Center infographic offers a quick snapshot of abortion in the U.S. 100 days after the Supreme Court revoked the constitutional right to abortion.

Top 7 Things You Can Do Right Now for U.S. Abortion Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court has taken away the constitutional right to abortion. Here’s how you can help.

European Parliament Calls on U.S. to Protect Abortion Rights

Resolution expresses grave concern about the consequences to women’s rights if the U.S. Supreme Court were to revoke the constitutional right to abortion.