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2024 SXSW Conference—Health Care Crisis in Post-Roe America: Finding Your Voice

Watch the video replay of this panel from the South by Southwest Conference featuring Center plaintiffs denied abortion care and President and CEO Nancy Northup.

Center’s “Emergency Medical” Exceptions Case Heads to Texas Supreme Court November 28

In Zurawski v. State of Texas, the Center is representing women denied abortion care despite facing severe pregnancy complications that risked their health and lives.

Plaintiff in Center’s Case Against Texas to Testify at the U.S. Senate April 26

Amanda Zurawski to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on "The Assault on Reproductive Rights in a Post-Dobbs America." Watch the hearing live.

Working to Block State Abortion Bans: Post-Roe Court Battles Continue

As anti-abortion states in the U.S. rush to enforce abortion bans, the Center and partners work to preserve access to care.

Lawsuit Updates: Working to Block State Abortion Bans

As states rush to enforce abortion bans, the Center and partners work to block them.

As States Rush to Enforce Abortion Bans, the Center and Partners Work to Block Them

Center lawsuits filed this week have succeeded in temporarily blocking abortion bans in Louisiana and Texas.