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Center Continues Fight Against Anti-Abortion Extremists

Extremists’ latest tactic: Intimidating pregnant people traveling out of state for abortion care.

Media Reports on Supreme Court Arguments in Texas Abortion Ban Case

On November 1, Marc Hearron, senior counsel for the Center, argued Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson before the Supreme Court. The case challenges Texas’s abortion ban that prohibits abortion care at about six weeks of pregnancy and aims to circumvent judicial review. Hearron said in his argument, “To allow the Texas scheme to stand would […]

Center Files Its Brief to SCOTUS: Texas’s Scheme to Deny Constitutional Right to Abortion Must be Stopped

In the opening brief in Whole Woman's Health v. Jackson, the Center and its partners argue that states cannot nullify rights guaranteed by the Constitution--as Texas has done with its extreme abortion ban.

European Parliament Votes to Condemn Texas Abortion Ban

Denouncing the Texas law as “a strong attack on women’s freedom,” the European Parliament passes an “urgency resolution” and calls on the U.S. to protect abortion access.

Request for Immediate Dismissal of Complaint Against Dr. Alan Braid Regarding Texas S.B. 8

The Center submitted a demand letter to the Texas Medical Board for an immediate dismissal of Operation Rescue’s complaint against its client, Dr. Alan Braid, related to Texas Senate Bill 8 of 2021 (“S.B. 8”). The Center argues that since the Board has disclaimed its ability to enforce S.B. 8—most recently in a filing to […]

Center Again Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court to Stop Texas Abortion Ban That Has Ended Most Access in the State

For the second time in weeks, the Center for Reproductive Rights is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in a case challenging Texas’s extreme abortion ban that has ended almost all abortion access in the state. The law, S.B. 8, prohibits abortion care after approximately six weeks of pregnancy, before many know they’re […]

Fearful of being sued under new law, three of four San Antonio abortion facilities stop offering the procedure

Several Texas-based clinics suspended abortion services after S.B. 8, the Texas law that bans abortion at six weeks of pregnancy, went into effect. The Texas Tribune quoted Center President and CEO Nancy Northup, who said, “Right now, people seeking abortion across Texas are panicking — they have no idea where or when they will be […]