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Tennessee Six-Week Abortion Ban Takes Effect

06.28.2022 (PRESS RELEASE) – Today, Tennessee’s ban on abortion after approximately six weeks into pregnancy took effect, prohibiting abortion in the state before many people even know they are pregnant. In today’s order, the Sixth Circuit vacated an injunction blocking the law – granted nearly two years ago in a case filed by abortion providers […]

Adams & Boyle, P.C. et al. v. Slatery, et al.: Appellate Court Decision

On August 5, 2021, the full Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a district court decision that struck down Tennessee’s mandatory 48-hour delay requirement. The mandatory delay law is in effect. Read the Appellate Court’s decision here: Decision by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, 08.05.21 in Adams & Boyle, P.C. et al. v. Slatery, et al.

Appeals Court Upholds ‘Highly Insulting and Paternalistic’ Tennessee Abortion Law

08.05.2021 – (PRESS RELEASE) Today, the full Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a district court decision striking down a 48-hour mandatory waiting period for abortion in Tennessee. The Sixth Circuit had allowed the law to take effect in April 2021 on a temporary basis pending the state’s appeal. The law requires patients to make two trips to a provider and wait at least two days to […]

Tennessee’s Mandatory Waiting Period for Abortion: “Highly Insulting and Paternalistic”

    Update: On 4/23/21, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated the 48-hour mandatory waiting period, allowing it to take effect immediately in Tennessee. Patients at health centers at the time of the ruling were immediately blocked from obtaining abortion care. Read more about this ruling: Appeals Court Reinstates Forced Waiting Period for Abortion […]