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Justice Department sues Texas over six-week abortion ban

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Justice Department would sue the state over its abortion ban, S.B. 8.

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Abortion Ban Ends Almost All Care in the State

Late last night, in a contentious 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the emergency request filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners to block Texas’s radical new abortion ban, which took effect September 1.

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Emergency Appeal to Block Texas Abortion Ban

Numerous media sources covered the Supreme Court's denial of an emergency request to block Texas's extreme abortion ban, which will end almost all abortion care in the state.

Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson: U.S. Supreme Court Opinion

U.S. Supreme Court opinion issued 09.01.21 that denied an emergency request to block Texas’s radical new abortion ban (S.B. 8), which took effect September 1, 2021.

Texas Abortion Ban Takes Effect, Ending Almost All Abortion Care in the State

The Center and its partners await action by the U.S. Supreme Court on its emergency request to stop the law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and incentivizing individuals to enforce the ban.

Center Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Block Texas Law That Would Prohibit Almost All Abortion Care in the State

The Center and its partners today filed an emergency request with the U.S. Supreme Court to block Texas's radical new abortion ban before it takes effect September 1.

Abortion Test Case From Mississippi Could Undermine Roe V. Wade

The Center’s President and CEO, Nancy Northup, is quoted in this NPR segment. Northup states, “The court cannot uphold this law in Mississippi without overturning Roe’s core holding, and that core holding – that every pregnant person has the right to decide whether to continue their pregnancy prior to viability – that has been reaffirmed […]

Legal Experts Urge the Supreme Court to Strike Down Abortion Restriction in June Medical Case, Stressing Precedent and Rule of Law

Legal Experts Urge the Supreme Court to Strike Down Abortion Restriction Briefs by the American Bar Association, constitutional scholars, and former federal Judges and officials urge the Court to uphold precedent from Roe, Casey and Whole Woman’s Health.  The importance of precedent and the rule of law is a theme in the 27 “friend of […]