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Center Clients Featured on ABC News Special

Diane Sawyer and Rachel Scott interview women denied abortion care and report on the dire impact of abortion bans on pregnant people and physicians.

New Report Shows More Evidence of Harm Caused by Abortion Bans

Report by ANSIRH details poor-quality care post-Roe and its harm to patients and providers.

Abortion Is Now Illegal in 11 U.S. States

State bans have left millions without access to abortion care.

Here Come the Lawyers: The fight over abortion has just begun.

New York Magazine profiles the fight against abortion bans by attorneys at the Center for Reproductive Rights. “There’s short-term goals and long-term goals,” senior staff attorney Jenny Ma says. “Every single day that someone gets abortion care, their lives are truly changed.” Read the article here: “Here Come the Lawyers: The fight over abortion has […]