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Center Continues Fight Against Anti-Abortion Extremists

Extremists’ latest tactic: Intimidating pregnant people traveling out of state for abortion care.

Texas Abortion Ban Case Faces More Delays

01.17.2022 (STATEMENT) – Today, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals sent Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson – a case filed by abortion providers and funds challenging Texas’ six-week ban on abortion (S.B. 8) – to the Texas Supreme Court. This is inconsistent with the Supreme Court’s decision in December 2021 and is a delay tactic […]

Briefs Filed in Texas Abortion Ban Cases Cite Threats to Constitutional Rights, the Rule of Law, and Health and Wellbeing

Citing threats to constitutional rights and the rule of law—as well as harms to health and wellbeing—experts in constitutional law, health care, government, and civil rights filed amicus briefs in support of two cases challenging Texas’s extreme abortion ban.

Request for Immediate Dismissal of Complaint Against Dr. Alan Braid Regarding Texas S.B. 8

The Center submitted a demand letter to the Texas Medical Board for an immediate dismissal of Operation Rescue’s complaint against its client, Dr. Alan Braid, related to Texas Senate Bill 8 of 2021 (“S.B. 8”). The Center argues that since the Board has disclaimed its ability to enforce S.B. 8—most recently in a filing to […]

U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Texas Abortion Ban Ends Almost All Care in the State

Late last night, in a contentious 5-4 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the emergency request filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights and its partners to block Texas’s radical new abortion ban, which took effect September 1.

Texas Abortion Ban Takes Effect, Ending Almost All Abortion Care in the State

The Center and its partners await action by the U.S. Supreme Court on its emergency request to stop the law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and incentivizing individuals to enforce the ban.

Center Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Block Texas Law That Would Prohibit Almost All Abortion Care in the State

The Center and its partners today filed an emergency request with the U.S. Supreme Court to block Texas's radical new abortion ban before it takes effect September 1.