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Texas Supreme Court Shuts Down Final Challenge to Abortion Law

Multiple sources reported on the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling against the Center’s challenge to S.B. 8, the draconian Texas law that bans abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy and incentivizes individuals to enforce it. In December, the U.S. Supreme Court left a small opening for the Center’s case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, to […]

Desperately Seeking Care: Six Months of Texas’s Extreme Abortion Ban

Panic and chaos as patients are turned away in droves.

For the Fourth Time, U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Act on Texas’s Unconstitutional Abortion Ban

The Court refuses to take action to protect pregnant Texans against the state's blatantly unconstitutional abortion ban that has ended most abortion access in Texas.

Supreme Court Leaves Texas Law In Effect

MSNBC interviewed Center president and CEO Nancy Northup about the Supreme Court’s ruling that left Texas’s abortion ban in effect and left only a limited path to challenge the law in federal court. Northup said, “I think this decision will go down as one of the most disgraceful decisions in Supreme Court history… Yes, the […]


In this segment from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the Center’s president and CEO Nancy Northup explains that Texas’s abortion ban is “a massive violation of constitutional rights.” The Center is challenging the ban, also called S.B. 8, in Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson. The Center is representing Dr. Alan Braid in Braid v. […]

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Ban, Agrees to Hear Two Cases Challenging the Law

The Supreme Court on October 22 announced it will hear oral arguments in the Center’s case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, on November 1. The case challenges S.B. 8, a Texas law that bans abortion at about six weeks of pregnancy and incentivizes private citizens to enforce the ban. Multiple media sources reported on the […]

Nancy Northup to Discuss the Center’s Upcoming Supreme Court Case at Virtual Event

Center President and CEO Nancy Northup headlines “An Emergency Moment: The Center Defends Abortion Rights Before the Supreme Court."

Federal Judge Pauses Strict Texas Law Banning Most Abortions

A federal judge granted the Justice Department’s request to halt S.B. 8, a Texas law that effectively banned abortion in the state and incentivized citizens to enforce it. However, even though S.B. 8 has been stalled, abortion providers can be sued retroactively for any care they provide while the injunction is in effect. The State […]

Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Consolidate Challenges Regarding Texas Abortion Ban

On October 5, the Center filed a lawsuit asking for three suits filed against their client, Dr. Alan Braid, be combined. Braid violated Texas’s abortion ban, S.B 8, which allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion after approximately six weeks of pregnancy. Braid commented on his decision to provide […]

Center Files Lawsuit Defending Doctor Who Violated Texas Abortion Ban

The lawsuit defending the physician also asks the district court to declare the Texas law, known as S.B. 8, unconstitutional. The ban has ended almost all abortion access in Texas since it took effect on September 1.