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Study Finds That Pakistan’s Vague Laws Enable Health Care Providers to Deny Abortion Services in Sindh Province

Report by the Center and Aahung recommends the decriminalization of abortion and training of health care providers to improve access to care.

Unsafe and Unjust: The Legal and Social Barriers That Deny Women and Girls Their Right to Safe Abortion Services in Sindh, Pakistan

This report by the Center for Reproductive Rights and AAHUNG examines the impact of Pakistan’s existing legal framework on the availability and access to safe abortion services in Sindh province of Pakistan and makes recommendations to decriminalize abortion and increase access to quality health care services.

The Center’s Work in Pakistan

Reports and other recent work on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues in Pakistan.

Center Holds Seminar for Thai Judges on Legal Issues of Surrogacy in Asia

100+ participants learn about surrogacy laws, case studies and key cases in several Asian countries to help improve legal standards in the region.

Center Leads Workshop to Broaden Understanding of SRHR Issues in Asia

Three-day training for young lawyers, youth advocates, health professionals and others held through the South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative.

“Let’s Talk Repro” Series: Prabina Bajracharya, Senior Manager for Asia

"I see reproductive rights as being at the core of gender equality and human rights, and this really resonates with the Center's mission."

Submission to the UN Human Rights Council Examines Pakistan’s Lack of Progress on SRHR Issues

Report outlines country’s failure on sexual and reproductive health rights and services and recommends laws and policies to improve access.

Joint Submission to Universal Periodic Review of Pakistan

The Center for Reproductive Rights and Aahung, a Karachi-based NGO, presented this joint submission on July 13, 2022, to supplement the report of the Government of Pakistan scheduled for review in the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council. This submission focuses on the Government’s obligations to protect and promote sexual and reproductive rights. Specifically, […]

Pakistan’s Sindh Government Increases Access to Obstetric Fistula Repair Services to Comply with Orders by the High Court

Ruling in Sayed v. Sindh marks major progress in improving maternal health, especially for women living on low incomes.

Fact Sheet: Syed & Others v. Sindh

The ruling in Syed & Others v. Sindh by the Sindh High Court ordered Pakistan’s Sindh government to increase access to obstetric fistula repair services. The case was conceptualized by the Center’s South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative (SARJAI). Read the fact sheet: