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Oklahoma Supreme Court Ruling Affirms Right to Life-Saving Abortion Care

While yesterday’s high court decision strikes down two “vigilante-style” abortion bans in the state, Oklahoma’s pre-Roe ban remains in effect.

Oklahoma hospitals unable to explain policies on emergency abortion care, study finds

Multiple media outlets reported on a new study jointly published by Physicians for Human Rights, Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, which found that most Oklahoma hospitals are unable to provide clear information on their abortion care policies. When asked how they handle obstetric emergencies, hospital staff provided opaque, contradictory […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules the Right to Abortion is Protected in Life-Threatening Situations

Oklahoma Supreme Court strikes down one criminal abortion ban and upholds another, leaving abortion unavailable for most in the state.

Oklahoma Governor Puts into Effect the Most Restrictive Abortion Law in the Country 

On Wednesday, May 25, Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma signed a bill that bans nearly all abortions. The total ban will take effect immediately. The law, which was passed by the state legislature on May 19, incentivizes private civilians to enforce the ban and bring costly litigation against abortion providers or anyone who “aids and […]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Blocks Three Extreme Abortion Laws in Center Lawsuit

All five Oklahoma laws challenged in the lawsuit are now blocked while the case continues.