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Center Holds Seminar for Thai Judges on Legal Issues of Surrogacy in Asia

100+ participants learn about surrogacy laws, case studies and key cases in several Asian countries to help improve legal standards in the region.

Center Leads Workshop to Broaden Understanding of SRHR Issues in Asia

Three-day training for young lawyers, youth advocates, health professionals and others held through the South Asia Reproductive Justice and Accountability Initiative.

“Let’s Talk Repro” Series: Prabina Bajracharya, Senior Manager for Asia

"I see reproductive rights as being at the core of gender equality and human rights, and this really resonates with the Center's mission."

Op-ed: With the Surrogacy Act, the judiciary has the chance to expand scope of reproductive rights

In this op-ed for The Indian Express, the Center’s Brototi Dutta, Advocacy Adviser for Asia, and Gargi Mishra, Research and Advocacy Officer at the Center for Health Equity, Law and Policy at ILS Pune, examine India’s new laws on surrogacy and assisted reproduction technology and how they fail to address crucial aspects, including single persons and […]

Center’s New Factsheet Explains Recent Changes to the Abortion Law in India

Amendment to India’s 1971 law a step forward, but gaps remain.

Factsheet: India MTP Amendment Act (2021)

This Center factsheet, released in September 2022, outlines and analyzes India’s 2021 MTP Amendment Act, which aimed to reform the country’s 50-year-old abortion law, the 1971 Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act.

New Laws in India Regulate Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy

Laws include some improvements, but gaps remain.

Abortion in India: Report Reveals Widespread Legal Barriers and Recommends Ways to Improve Access

Report by the Center and partners launched at a virtual event for advocates and stakeholders in India.

Legal Barriers to Accessing Safe Abortion Services in India: A Fact-Finding Study

Through a field-based study in four states–Delhi, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu–the “Legal Barriers to Accessing Safe Abortion Services in India: A Fact-Finding Study” aims to understand and document the way in which the Indian Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, and other laws operate as barriers to accessing safe abortion care. The study and the report […]

Center and Partners Promote Strategies to Expand Abortion Access at “Safe Abortion Dialogue-Asia” Conference

The Center for Reproductive Rights Asia team is playing a significant role this month at Safe Abortion Dialogue-Asia, a virtual conference focused on developing strategies to reduce barriers and expand access to safe abortion care in the region.