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Video Replay: U.S. Abortion Regression in the Global Context

Watch the presentation from the International Conference on Family Planning by the Center's Katy Mayall.

Global Trends: Abortion Rights 2022

An infographic showing the global trends in abortion rights.

Global Trends: Abortion Rights

The Center's new infographic shows the dozens of countries that have progressed on abortion rights--and the very few that have regressed, including the U.S.

With its Regression on Abortion Rights, the U.S. is a Global Outlier

The United States is one of only four countries that has rolled back abortion rights since 1994.

Global Trends: Abortion Rights 2022

An infographic showing the global trends in abortion rights.

Podcast: Center’s Katy Mayall Discusses How the U.S. Falls Short on Reproductive Rights

Katherine Mayall, the Center’s director of strategic initiatives, appeared on the Deep Dish podcast to discuss how global trends in abortion regulation and access influence reproductive rights in the United States. Mayall discussed global abortion laws and outlined how far behind the U.S. is in reproductive rights compared to other countries.   “What we see in […]

Colombia High Court Votes to Decriminalize Abortion, Adding to Regional Momentum

Multiple news sources reported on the ruling by Colombia’s Constitutional Court to decriminalize abortion. Colombia is the third country in the region, following Agentina and Mexico, to take steps toward decriminalizing abortion.  The lawsuit was brought by the Causa Justa movement, of which the Center is a member.  Reuters quoted Nancy Northup, the Center’s president […]

In Poland, “Women Are Paying A High Price For The Rule Of Law Crisis”

France24 reported on a top European court’s decision allowing the European Union to block funds to member states that don’t follow EU laws. Poland, which has regressed on human rights–including reproductive rights–in recent years, is at risk of losing EU funding because of the ruling. The Center’s Regional Director for Europe, Leah Hoctor, told France24, […]

Center Panel to Discuss Global Impact of U.S. Abortion Regression

This virtual dialogue will convene international reproductive health, legal, human rights experts to examine the global implications of U.S. regression on abortion rights.

The Decriminalization Of Abortion Advances in Latin America Despite the Difficulties

Several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, have recently taken steps to expand abortion access. In Colombia, the Center and its Colombian-based partners have brought a lawsuit to decriminalize abortion. The question currently rests before a panel of judges. Reuters quoted Catalina Martinez Coral, the Center’s Regional Director of Latin America and the […]