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Expert Panel Calls on Germany to Legalize Abortion in First 12 Weeks

In this New York Times piece, the Center's Adriana Lamačkova comments on German abortion laws and the need for reform.

Germany Eradicates Harmful Ban on Abortion Information

06.24.22 (PRESS RELEASE) Today the German Bundestag has repealed §219a of the German Criminal Code removing a harmful ban on information provision on abortion by medical professionals. The ban prohibited doctors and other medical professionals from publicly providing evidence-based information on legal abortions. For over eighty years the law hampered women’s ability to make informed […]

Convicted for ‘advertising’ abortion, German doctors are fighting to share the facts

In this CNN article about a German law that prevents doctors from “advertising for abortion,” or even publishing information on abortion on their websites, Leah Hoctor, the Center for Reproductive Rights’ regional director for Europe, states, “The idea that a European country actually criminalizes the provision of medically accurate information on abortion, but doesn’t effectively […]