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Georgia Supreme Court Allows Six-Week Abortion Ban to Remain in Effect as Legal Challenge Continues

10.24.23 (PRESS RELEASE) — The Georgia Supreme Court issued a ruling today that allows H.B. 481, a ban on abortion after approximately six weeks of pregnancy, to remain in effect. The court’s majority opinion disregards long-standing precedent that a law violating either the state or federal Constitution at the time of its enactment is void […]

Center Argues to Protect Abortion Rights Under State Constitutions

Arguments scheduled in South Carolina and Georgia cases challenging abortion bans.

Georgia State Court Denies Request to Block Six-Week Abortion Ban

08.15.22 — (PRESS RELEASE) Today, the Superior Court of Fulton County refused to block Georgia’s six-week abortion ban, allowing the state to continue criminalizing essential health care. The law bans abortion just two weeks after a person’s first missed period and before many people even know they are pregnant. The ruling comes after Georgia abortion providers […]

Georgia Doctors and Advocates File New Challenge to Six-Week Abortion Ban in State Court

07.26.2022 — (PRESS RELEASE) Georgia abortion providers and advocates filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of Fulton County today bringing a state constitutional challenge against H.B. 481, a law banning abortion at approximately six weeks of pregnancy — just two weeks after a person’s first missed period and before many people even know they […]

Georgia Six-Week Abortion Ban to Take Effect

UPDATE: In a highly unorthodox move, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an immediate stay of a lower court’s injunction of Georgia’s six-week ban, rather than waiting the normal 28-day period for the official mandate to be issued. This means the state’s six-week ban takes effect today, pushing abortion out of reach for Georgians […]