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Georgia Abortion Ban Struck Down, Allowing Abortion Care Beyond Six Weeks to Resume

In case brought by the Center and its partners, judge enjoins ban that was in effect since July.

SisterSong v. Georgia: Order on Motion for Partial Judgment to Dismiss

On November 15, 2022, Judge Robert McBurney struck down Georgia’s six-week abortion ban as void and without legal basis, since it violated Roe v. Wade when it was enacted in 2019. The Georgia Constitution prohibits the legislature from passing laws that violate either the state or federal constitution.

Georgia Says A Fetus Is A Person. The Implications Are Terrifying.

This Huffpost article reports on the dangerous provision in Georgia’s abortion ban that recognizes an embryo or fetus as a person after six weeks of pregnancy and “paves the way for criminalizing pregnant people.” Alice Wang, staff attorney at the Center and a litigator in the case challenging the Gerogia law, said, “It is unclear […]