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Abortion and Liberty Rights: Spotlight on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

If the Supreme Court weakens the right to abortion, it will also undermine precedent that protects a broad range of liberty rights.

The Disproportionate Harm of Abortion Bans: Spotlight on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

Abortion bans like Mississippi's ban at issue in the Center's upcoming Supreme Court case exacerbate societal inequalities and disproportionately harm people of color and others who already face discriminatory obstacles to health care.

International Human Rights and Abortion: Spotlight on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

International and human rights organizations and legal experts weigh in to support the Center’s Supreme Court case challenging a Mississippi abortion ban.

Resources for Journalists: 15 Things to Consider When Covering Abortion, the Supreme Court, and a Potential “Post-Roe World”

The Guttmacher Institute published an article for journalists covering the abortion rights space to provide context and prevent misinformation. Right now, the right to abortion is at risk and media outlets everywhere are covering the topic. On December 1, the Center will argue Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case that directly challenges Roe […]

Precedent and the Rule of Law: Spotlight on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

In upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case nearly 50 years of precedent hang in the balance.

Abortion is Essential to Democracy

After Texas’s abortion ban went into effect on September 1, Ms. Magazine and the Brennan Center for Justice joined forces to create a collection of essays that explore why the right to abortion is essential to democracy. Written by legal experts from the Brennan Center, the essays explore topics like the U.S. government’s history of […]

Abortion and Gender Equality: Spotlight on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

For almost five decades, the right to abortion has helped advance gender equality in the U.S. by allowing generations of women to pursue their personal, educational, and employment opportunities and life goals.

‘Catastrophic implications’: UN health expert condemns US over threat to abortion rights

The Guardian reported on an amicus brief submitted by Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to health, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an upcoming Supreme Court case reviewing Mississppi’s 15-week abortion ban in a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. The Center is representing Jackson Women’s Health Organization in […]

What to Know About the Mississippi Abortion Law Challenging Roe v. Wade

In this explainer piece, The New York Times spells out what is at stake in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in which the Center is challenging Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. The Center will argue the case before the Supreme Court on December 1. The New York Times quotes a statement from the Center that […]

Human Rights and the Fight Against Retrogression in the U.S.

Risa Kaufman, the Center’s Director of U.S. Human Rights, wrote a piece for the journal Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. She analyzed the recent abortion restrictions and bans occurring in the United States, including Texas’s “extreme” abortion ban, S.B. 8, from a human rights perspective. In her article, Kaufman said, “As the United States faces […]