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Reproductive health and glyphosate in the context of the armed conflict

As the Colombian government has tried to restart its aerial fumigation program with a herbicide called glyphosate, the Center for Reproductive Rights has published a report showing that the herbicide used in the program had negative effects on people’s reproductive health and making public policy recommendations to maintain that government program stopped. The Center supports […]

Reproductive Violence in the Colombian Armed Conflict

The decision whether or not to have children does not belong to any armed group, to the State or to anyone else but the women themselves. The Center presented this report on reproductive violence to the Colombian Truth Commission that was created after the signing of the peace agreement between the FARC-EP and the Colombian […]

Causa Justa: The Fight to Decriminalize Abortion in Colombia

The Center for Reproductive Rights and its Colombia-based partners are awaiting a decision by the Constitutional Court of Colombia that could decriminalize abortion throughout the country.

Issue Spotlight: COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center for Reproductive Rights has been on the front lines of ensuring that reproductive health services are prioritized—through advocacy, policy development, and the creation of new programs and research initiatives.