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Give sex abuse victims access to abortion, other services

Read an op-ed in Nation by the Center's Prudence Mutiso, Martin Onyango, and Timothy Thondu.

Here’s how to stop deaths of pregnant girls, women

Read an op-ed in The Star by the Center's Betty Odallo.

High Court of Kenya in Malindi Ruling in PAK and Salim Mohammed vs. the Attorney General and 3 others

In this ruling on March 24, 2022, the High Court of Kenya in Malindi affirmed the right to abortion under the Constitution and directed Parliament to enact reforms. The ruling was in the case, PAK and Salim Mohammed vs the Attorney General and 3 others (Petition E009 of 2020).

Kenyan High Court Affirms the Right to Abortion Under the Constitution and Directs Parliament to Enact Reforms

Landmark ruling in case defending a minor and a clinician will protect patients and providers from arrest and prosecution for seeking and providing abortion services.

Wrongfully Arrested for Seeking Abortion Care, Kenyan Woman and Nurse Exonerated with Help from the Center and its Partner

Despite constitutional protections for reproductive health care, law enforcement officers often harass, arrest, and prosecute patients and providers.

In Op-ed, the Center’s Evelyne Opondo Calls on Kenya to Stop the Harassment of Women and Girls Seeking Abortion Care

The Kenyan government must align its penal code with the 2010 Constitution, says the Center’s Evelyne Opondo

Opinion: Stop harassment of women, girls seeking abortion care

Evelyne Opondo, Senior Regional Director for Africa at the Center for Reproductive Rights, wrote an op-ed in the Daily Nation on the need for the Kenyan government to align the penal code with the Kenyan Constitution, which “gave a framework for reproductive health, including abortion care as a fundamental human right.” In the op-ed, Opondo […]

Abortion Rights at a Crossroads

This “VOA Our Voices” segment by Voice of America (VOA) Africa discusses the impact on abortion rights in Africa if the U.S. Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade. The feature highlights stories of unsafe and illegal abortions occurring even in countries like Kenya where such rights are constitutionally guaranteed. Martin Onyango, Head of Legal Strategies […]

High Court to decide on landmark post-abortion care case

The Center is asking a Kenyan High Court to prevent the state from arresting, detaining, and prosecuting women who seek post-abortion care. The case concerns PAK, a 16-year-old girl who sought medical attention after experiencing bleeding and severe pain during pregnancy. The Kenyan constitution recognizes the right to emergency medical care and the right to […]

Abortion stigma a possible death sentence for Kenyan women

Even though abortion is legal under certain circumstances in Kenya, since 2013, the country’s Ministry of Health has prevented health care providers from receiving training on abortion services. This has left women without the care they need and deserve. Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted a report from the Center that found that seven Kenyan women and […]