Trump’s Global Gag Endangers Women Worldwide


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In one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, a destructive policy that prohibits overseas nongovernmental organizations from providing, or even mentioning, safe abortion services.

To discuss the consequences, Moreen Majwa, advocacy adviser for Africa at the Center for Reproductive Rights, spoke with Lenny Letter. She highlighted the concrete threat the Global Gag Rule presents to groups that will be stripped of funds:

They will have to lay people off. They can’t provide services in the same way they did. In some places, they won’t be able to provide services at all. They won’t be able to stay open. And that will have a knock-on effect on other services: on access to contraception, and on HIV treatment, and the quality of maternal health care that women can access.

Make no mistake — the Global Gag Rule is a dangerous policy that will reverse decades of progress and lead to more maternal deaths, more unsafe abortions, and more unintended pregnancies.

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