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The New York Times recently described anti-choice bills being introduced across the country as "reckless", "highly intrusive", and building on laws that have already "taken a grievous toll on the fundamental right protected by Roe v. Wade."

The Center has been monitoring this movement for some time and couldn’t agree more. Last year, we tracked more than 600 anti-choice measures introduced in state legislatures and expect that number to go up this year.

The Times ran two op-eds about the threat to women’s rights and a letter to the editor from Center President Nancy Northup on the Sunday opinion page. The overarching message was a call to action. It said: “Americans who support women’s reproductive rights and oppose this kind of outrageous government intrusion need to respond with rising force and clarity to this real and immediate danger.

These articles underscore the importance of advocating for a bold legal framework to protect women and their reproductive freedom.  While the Center decries all attempts to strip women of their right to full dignity, we are heartened that attention is being focused on the tremendous damage the multitude of bills will inflict on the millions of women who need access to reproductive healthcare—which includes abortion, contraception and safe pregnancy.

The threats to women’s rights are at our front door, and the need for action is immediate. That’s why we created the “Pledge to Act” to rally supporters—people who believe in the promise of human dignity, self-determination and equality embodied in the U.S. Constitution.


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By taking the Pledge, people are letting anti-choice lawmakers know that they will not have the last word in this battle. Already, thousands of people across the country have signed the pledge and let us know that they are ready to fight back.

Since our founding in 1992, the Center has made a pledge to act until every woman can participate with full dignity as an equal member of society. We hope you will join us.