Kenyan Government: Stop Sexual Violence


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In the aftermath of the chaotic presidential election results in Kenya in early August and again in October, more than 50 accounts of rape and sexual violence have been identified throughout Kenya—including gang rape and beatings by members of security forces and militia groups. Because of the nature of these crimes, and because police themselves were the perpetrators, few victims officially reported these assaults.

Since the 1990s, Kenyan elections have engendered sexual violence and other human rights abuses. Without adequate protections, future elections will likely be no different.

Along with dozens of other law, human rights, and health groups, the Center for Reproductive Rights is calling on the Kenyan government to take immediate action to prevent sexual violence in situations of civil strife, and to ensure effective and comprehensive medical, forensic, and legal services to victims.

Women have the right to vote without fear of sexual violence.

Read our letter to Kenyan government officials.