Arizona Gov. Brewer Puts Women at Risk


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This July, the Center for Reproductive Rights is fighting in two federal courts—in Mississippi and now Arizona—to block extremely hostile anti-choice laws from going into effect and placing women’s lives at risk.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is calling her state’s extreme new abortion law—which includes zero exceptions to protect a woman’s life or health unless she has a life-threatening emergency—“common sense measures to protect the health of women.

In truth, the law puts women’s lives at risk.

The Center filed a lawsuit on July 12, 2012 to block the law, and a hearing has been scheduled for July 25 at 8:30 am. In order to garner public attention to this case, the Center is calling on people around the country to send a message to Gov. Brewer: Stop attacking women and lying to the citizens of Arizona.

Here are the facts: Arizona’s new law is unconstitutional. It bans abortion pre-viability, before a fetus can survive outside of the womb, and at a time when most women get prenatal testing to find out whether they and their pregnancies are healthy.

It’s worth repeating that the law includes zero exceptions to protect a woman’s life unless she’s experiencing a life-threatening emergency. Women with serious pregnancy complications could actually be forced to wait until their conditions worsen before they get the critical medical care they need.

We’ve taken action to stop a law whose hostility toward women’s health and fundamental rights is so extreme that it will risk their very lives. With this lawsuit, we are fighting to ensure that politicians cannot deprive women of their right to make these deeply personal choices on their own, and without government interference.

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