Abortion Funding and Social Justice: A Perspective from Mexico


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Please join the Center for Reproductive Rights, the Guttmacher Institute, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and Ipas for a special event with Eugenia López Uribe, a Mexican activist and coordinator of the MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice.

Ms. López is on a speaking tour of the U.S. from Mexico, where she advocates for sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and young people. In her work with the MARIA fund, she helps Mexican women access safe, legal abortion and defends the right to abortion in Mexico. Ms. López will talk about the liberalization of the abortion law in Mexico City and the critical role of funding for women to exercise their right to abortion.

Eugenia López Uribe

Tuesday, November 10 at 6:30 pm
Center for Reproductive Rights
120 Wall Street, 14th Floor, New York


Please RSVP by November 9 by contacting Yasmine at yasmine@latinainstitute.org or 212-422-2553.


More about Eugenia López Uribe:

Eugenia López Uribe, MA, is a Mexican national with 15 years experience advocating for young people and women’s sexual and reproductive education, health and rights. She has worked with international agencies, government institutions and non-governmental organizations, including UNFPA, Partners in Population and Development, the Japanese Organization of International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP), Programa IMSS-Oportunidades (Ministry of Health), the Mexican Foundation for Family Planning (MEXFAM), Population Council, Ipas México, and the Simone de Beauvoir Leadership Institute. She has developed educational materials and coordinated national training strategies and international meetings for a wide range of stakeholders.

Ms Lopez is a founding member of DECIDIR, a group of young activists working to increase access to abortion as part of sexual rights and citizenship and coordinates the MARIA Abortion Fund for Social Justice, which was created to help Mexican women outside of Mexico City to come to the capital for a safe and legal abortion and to defend the right to legal abortion in Mexico. In 2007, Ms. Lopez helped create the local-global alliance, the Alliance for Gender Justice at AIDS 2008, which successfully ensured the full participation of women, especially women with HIV, during the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City.

She is currently Executive Coordinator of Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventu, an organization that served as the hub for organizing the Women’s Networking Zone at the International AIDS Conference. Ms. Lopez is also a gay rights advocate and was one of the first women married—at a very public ceremony—when Mexico City introduced a civil registry for same sex unions in 2007.