In the Spotlight

  • 08.27.19
    Restrictions North Dakota law generally prohibits abortion at six weeks,[fn]N.D. CENT. CODE § 14–02.1-05.2.[/fn] twenty weeks post-fertilization,[f
  • 07.25.19
    This federal lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of two North Dakota laws that compel physicians and other members of the care team to provide pa
  • 09.15.14
    (REVISED 6.2.2016) In 2013, North Dakota passed a blatantly unconstitutional ban on pre-viability abortion that would prohibit abortion as early as
  • 06.04.14
    This case challenged North Dakota Senate Bill 2305, which requires any physician providing abortions to obtain admitting privileges at a hospital wi
  • 04.28.14
    North Dakota passed a law in 2011 that would effectively ban all medication abortions in the state. Even if the law did not completely ban this type
  • 07.23.09
    Case challenging a new law in North Dakota that imposes confusing new restrictions on the provision of abortions. Filing Date: July 2009 State: No