Phyllis Cohen,


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Phyllis Cohen, Secretary, is a Houston-based philanthropist. As the founder of the Center for Women in Law at the University of Texas, she is active in causes promoting the advancement of women both personally and professionally with a focus on reproductive rights, social justice, and health care access. She is a former law partner at Porter &amp, Hedges and Woodard, Hall &amp, Primm in Houston, Texas, and was an associate at Arnold &amp, Porter in Washington, D.C. From 2005 to 2009, she was an elected member of the City Council of West University, serving as Mayor Pro Tem and Acting Mayor during that time. She was previously the Chairman of the Board of a Federally Qualified Health Clinic, which delivered health care to underserved and uninsured communities. She is on the Advisory Board for the Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality at Rice University. Ms. Cohen is a member of the Women’s Leadership Forum of the Democratic National Committee, an active fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, a Majority Council member of Emily’s List, and serves on the Houston Steering Committee of Annie’s List. Ms. Cohen is a graduate of Hamilton College and Syracuse University College of Law. (Houston, TX)