Catalina Botero Marino


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Catalina Botero Marino is an attorney and expert in constitutional law, international human rights law, and transitional justice. She is currently the Dean of the law school at La Universidad de los Andes and founding partner of DeJusticia Colombia, which is focused on the regional defense of human rights. She previously served as the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression for the OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights from 2008 to 2014 as well as the Auxiliary Magistrate at the Constitutional Court of Colombia for several different periods. Ms. Botero Marino was a senior advisor for UNESCO and she was adviser of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary of Mexico. She serves on the Board of La Fundación para la Libertad de Prensa, a freedom of expression organization in Bogotá. In addition, she worked as a member of the Academic Council of the Center for Constitutional Studies of the Supreme Court of Mexico. She is currently part of the academic committee of the Centro de Estudios en Libertad de Expresión y Acceso a la Información at the University of Palermo, Argentina, a member of the advisory board of Derechos Digitales Chile, and member of the Friends of the Inter-American Democratic Charter of the Carter Center and expert member of the Inter-American Dialogue. Ms. Botero Marino previously held a number of public and private non-profit posts in Colombia, including: National Director of the Office for the Promotion and Dissemination of Human Rights, in the Office of the People's Defender of Colombia, Director of the Consultancy for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law at the Social Foundation, adviser for the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Nation, and professor and researcher at the Law School of the Universidad de los Andes. She is also a member of the awards committee of the Columbia University Global Freedom of Expression Prize. Ms. Botero Marino received her law degree from La Universidad de los Andes and went on to complete her postgraduate studies in Public Management and Administrative Law at the same university. She continued her postgraduate work in Madrid, where she studied human rights at the Universidad Complutense. Ms. Botero Marino also studied constitutional rights and political science at the Center for Constitutional Studies and received a degree in advanced studies (DEA) at the Universidad Carlos III. (Bogotá, Colombia)