Alejandra Cardenas, Director of Global Legal Strategies


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Alejandra initially joined the Center in 2009 and is currently responsible for supporting the implementation of the strategic plan, the region’s annual planning process, overseeing the Global Legal Program’s budget, as well as the development and design of key litigation initiatives in the Global Legal Program.

Alejandra most recently served as Regional Legal Director for Women's Link Worldwide and was responsible for the planning and oversight of program design and implementation while overseeing a team working on reproductive rights, transitional justice and sex trafficking. Prior to Women's Link Worldwide, Alejandra served as a Human Rights Specialist at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington, DC where she focused on drafting merits and admissibility decisions about petitions filed against LAC States and also served as the Commission's liaison between Bolivia and Peru. Alejandra has published several articles on reproductive rights, the Inter-American human rights system, and international public law.

Alejandra received her LLM from Harvard Law School with a concentration in International Public Law and her undergraduate law degree from the Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Alejandra’s native tongue is Spanish.