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A federal judge has ordered the State of Alabama to pay for the production and distribution of materials that it requires all abortion providers to gi
Today, nine international human rights groups joined forces to urge Slovakia to conduct an impartial and adequate investigation of illegal sterilizati
Tallahassee, FL Today, in a 5-1 decision, the Florida Supreme Court struck down a law requiring physicians to notify a parent or legal guardian before
Four women imprisoned on abortion and related charges were released by King Gyanendra this week as part of a birthday tradition that involves granting
New Orleans, LA Yesterday, a federal judge ordered Louisiana to end the production of all specialty license plates, including "Choose Life" plates, fi
New York, NY Women’s rights groups are urging King Gyanendra of Nepal to continue his commitment to human rights by releasing women imprisoned for abo
Richmond, VA Today, Judge Richard Williams blocked Virginia’s abortion ban by granting the Center for Reproductive Rights’ request for a preliminary i
New York, NY - ,In an historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today struck down a Texas sodomy law that singled out gay people for criminal prosecut
New Orleans, LA Charging that Louisiana’s specialty license plates infringe upon First Amendment rights, the Center for Reproductive Rights will ask t
Richmond, VAToday, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a case in federal court challenging Virginia’s abortion procedures ban as an unconstitutio