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In an argument before the North Dakota Supreme Court on Wednesday, the Red River Women's Clinic will ask the State Supreme Court to affirm a lower cou
Charging that Florida's ban on Medicaid funded abortions discriminates based on sex, the Center for Reproductive Rights will argue before a Florida co
By failing to ask the court to appoint a guardian for a severely disabled woman who is pregnant as a result of rape, the state of Florida once again a
This week, Congress is expected to vote on an amendment to the Department of Defense authorization act (HR 1588 and S 1050) that would lift a seven-ye
The American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Reproductive Rights asked a state trial court today to block the state from appointing a guardia
Michigan abortion providers have settled a lawsuit against the State to block a vague, new Michigan law that would have limited women's access to repr
"Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a $15 billion HIV/AIDS plan aimed at combating the AIDS pandemic internationally over the next fi
Today, a judge denied a motion to prevent the Indiana mandatory delay law's "two-trip" requirement from taking effect, forcing women in Indiana to mak
On Tuesday, March 25th, Simon Heller, Of Counsel, for the Center for Reproductive Rights will testify that an abortion ban pending before the House of
Today, the Center for Reproductive Rights asked a district court judge to block a Michigan law that could limit women's access to reproductive health