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(PRESS RELEASE) After more than a year deliberating the constitutionality of the country’s historic Reproductive Health Law passed in 2012, the Philip
(PRESS RELEASE) Just a few days after a panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit refused to block two provisions of a far-reaching and
(PRESS RELEASE) Immediately following yesterday’s federal court decision failing to protect Arizona women’s constitutional right to non-surgical abort
(PRESS RELEASE) A federal district court has refused to block Arizona’s unconstitutional restrictions on non-surgical abortion— failing to ensure that
(PRESS RELEASE) Following the recent announcement that the Peruvian government ended its criminal investigation into the forced sterilization of hundr
(PRESS RELEASE)  Failing to protect the lives and health of thousands of Texas women with virtually no access to safe and legal abortion services
(PRESS RELEASE) The United Nations Human Rights Committee is urging the United States to address the critical health care coverage needs for immigrant
(PRESS RELEASE) In a ceremony today, the Brazilian government gave monetary reparations to Maria Lourdes da Silva Pimentel, the mother of Alyne—an Afr
(PRESS RELEASE) Reproductive health and human rights advocates testified today in Washington, D.C. on women’s rights issues, including discrimination,
(PRESS RELEASE) The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments today in two for-profit companies’ lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act’s birth control