MTV Act: Wait, So What’s Going On With Birth Control + The Affordable Care Act?

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Danica Davidson
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Birth control isn’t just about sex — access to it also helps women’s health overall and drastically improves the economy.

The Affordable Care Act is working to make birth control available to all women, but some companies are fighting this and it’s being taken to the Supreme Court. To better understand what’s going on with birth control, the ACA and SCOTUS, the Center for Reproductive Rights is doing a Twitter chat Monday at 2 p.m. EDT to answer your Q’s. To get involved, make sure you use the hashtag #ReproChat.

Earlier this week I spoke with Julianna Gonen, the director of government relations at the Center for Reproductive Rights, about how to get birth control under the ACA, how to end the stigma against it and how access to birth control would actually save us billions of dollars.

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