Trump Administration Finalizes Title X Domestic Gag Rule

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The Center for Reproductive Rights will ask court to block rule in Maine
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Today, the Trump Administration released a final rule that would make sweeping changes to the Title X family planning program, a historically bipartisan program first enacted in 1970 that provides reproductive health care services to over four million low-income, under- and uninsured individuals across the country. The rule will, among other things, require strict physical and financial separation of Title X services from abortion services, prohibit Title X funding recipients from referring patients for abortion care, and rescind a prior requirement that all Title X funding recipients offer information and counseling to pregnant patients regarding prenatal care and delivery, infant care, foster care and adoption, and abortion. 

Statement from Susan Inman, chief counsel for federal policy and advocacy at the Center for Reproductive Rights:  

“With this rule, the Trump Administration is targeting the most vulnerable populations and limiting their access to reproductive health care services. Providers will be allowed to withhold basic information about a pregnant person’s health care options. The rule seems plainly designed to put health care providers out of business, create massive confusion in the health care system, and cut off services for low-income patients.  

We cannot let those most in need lose access to services like STD testing, contraception and abortion. In the coming days, we will be taking the Trump Administration to court on behalf of Maine Title X recipients, asking the court to block this dangerous rule from taking effect.”