Statement from Nancy Northup, President & CEO of Center for Reproductive Rights, on yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court order allowing the Trump administration’s travel ban to go into effect pending the legal challenges

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(PRESS RELEASE) - “We are deeply dismayed that the Supreme Court has allowed this discriminatory travel ban to take effect while the case is pending. The Constitution and rule of law protect us all from intolerance and bigotry, and policies founded on malicious stereotypes undermine those protections, making us all less safe and less free.

“This administration has shown open contempt for the rule of law time and again, whether it is improperly restricting travel from majority-Muslim nations, attempting to ban transgender Americans from military service, blocking immigrants’ access to abortion, or promising to appoint Supreme Court justices who will ignore the decades of settled precedent protecting a woman’s right to legal abortion.

“America’s strength comes from its diversity and acceptance of all regardless of faith, race, gender or sexual orientation. We must all stand together to resist those who would allow harmful stereotypes and bias to infect our system of laws.”